Bella Storia

About Us

Bella Storia in Cannes, France, is an enchanting Italian restaurant that brings the heart and soul of Italian dining to the sun-drenched shores of the French Riviera. This charming establishment, whose name translates to "Beautiful Story," celebrates Italy's rich culinary traditions, offering a warm and inviting ambience where guests can indulge in the authentic flavours and rustic elegance of Italian cuisine. Nestled in a picturesque location in Cannes, Bella Storia is a favoured destination for those seeking a genuine Italian dining experience, replete with the warmth of Italian hospitality and the timeless charm of Italy's gastronomic heritage. The ambience of Bella Storia is designed to evoke a traditional Italian trattoria's cosy and inviting atmosphere, with a touch of Mediterranean chic that blends seamlessly with the Riviera setting. The decor features rustic wood, soft, ambient lighting, and carefully selected Italian artefacts that add character and warmth to the dining space. Whether dining indoors, where the atmosphere is intimate and inviting, or outdoors on the beautiful terrace, surrounded by the gentle buzz of Cannes, guests are treated to a setting that is both elegant and relaxed. At the heart of Bella Storia's menu is a dedication to authentic Italian cuisine, prepared with passion and an unwavering commitment to quality. The dishes are a testament to the simplicity and depth of flavour that are hallmarks of Italian cooking, with each recipe showcasing the finest ingredients sourced from Italy and local markets. From handcrafted pasta and wood-fired pizzas to succulent meats and fresh seafood, the menu offers a culinary journey through the diverse regions of Italy, each dish served with a touch of creativity and flair.
Cuisines Italian, European, Mediterranean
Restaurant Type Premium Casual
Cuisine Styles Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free
Services Smoking Area, Disabled access, Outdoor Seating
Payment Options Cash, Visa, American Express, Mastercard

Map & Contacts

Address 51 Rue Félix Faure
Cannes, 06400
Telephone (+33) 493390395