Best Restaurants in Strasbourg

Pierre Bois Et Feu

$$$$ 6 Rue Du Bain-aux-Roses, 67000, Strasbourg
French European Fine dining Premium Casual
Pierre Bois et Feu, nestled in the vibrant city of Strasbourg, France, offers a unique culinary experience that marries rustic charm with sophisticated gastronomy. This distinctive restaurant captivates with its concept of cooking using traditional methods, such as stone, wood, and fire, which are integral to creating dishes that burst with deep, natural flavours and aromas. The menu at Pierre Bois et Feu is a testament to the skilful use of these elemental cooking techniques. It features a selection of meats, fish, and vegetables that are expertly prepared to enhance their inherent qualities. The emphasis on simplicity and the purity of ingredients results in meals that are both nourishing and exceptionally flavorful, reflecting the restaurant's commitment to culinary excellence and innovation. The ambience of Pierre Bois et Feu is designed to complement its culinary philosophy. The warm and inviting interior blends natural wood and stone to create a cosy yet elegant atmosphere. The open kitchen allows diners to witness the art of cooking with fire, adding an element of drama and authenticity to the dining experience.

Restaurant Marcus

$$$ 3 Rue Thiergarten, 67000, Strasbourg
French Casual Dining
Restaurant Marcus in Strasbourg, France, is an exquisite dining establishment that offers a refined gastronomic experience, blending traditional French culinary artistry with contemporary innovation. Nestled in the heart of this historic city, Marcus is celebrated for its sophisticated ambience, impeccable service, and a menu that captivates the essence of fine dining in Alsace. The chef at Restaurant Marcus skillfully crafts dishes that are both a tribute to the region's rich culinary traditions and a nod to modern tastes and techniques. The menu is a carefully curated selection of the finest local ingredients transformed into masterpieces of flavour and presentation. From delicate appetizers and rich, flavorful main courses to inventive desserts, each dish is designed to offer a memorable journey through French cuisine at its best. The decor of Restaurant Marcus mirrors the elegance and attention to detail found in its cuisine. The dining space is tastefully appointed, combining classic elements with modern design to create a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere. The intimate seating, soft lighting, and refined table settings make it an ideal venue for special occasions, romantic dinners, or business meetings where impressing guests is vital.

Brasserie Des Haras

$$$$ 23 Rue Des Glacières, 67000, Strasbourg
French European Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Brasserie Des Haras in Strasbourg, France, is a remarkable dining destination that blends culinary excellence with architectural splendour. Located within the historic and elegantly restored 18th-century National Stud Farm, a site steeped in heritage, this brasserie offers a unique, grand and welcoming ambience. The establishment is a testament to the fusion of tradition and modernity, not only in its design but also in its approach to cuisine. Under the culinary direction of a talented chef, Brasserie Des Haras presents a menu that celebrates the rich tapestry of French gastronomy while incorporating contemporary influences. The dishes are crafted with precision and artistry, showcasing the finest local and seasonal ingredients. Guests can enjoy a range of offerings, from classic French fare to inventive plates that push the boundaries of traditional brasserie dining. The wine list complements the menu perfectly, featuring a selection of regional and international wines that enhance the flavours of the cuisine. The interior design of Brasserie Des Haras is a highlight in itself, winning acclaim for its stunning blend of historic elements and modern design. The space is characterized by its high ceilings, exposed wooden beams, and elegant equestrian-themed decor, creating a sophisticated and cosy atmosphere. The outdoor terrace, set within the serene courtyard of the stud farm, offers a tranquil dining setting, perfect for enjoying warm Strasbourg evenings.

Restaurant Il Girasole

$$$ 12 Quai Saint-Nicolas, 67000, Strasbourg
Italian Fine dining Elegant & Chic Pizzeria
Restaurant Il Girasole, located in the charming city of Strasbourg, France, is a vibrant and cosy eatery that brings the sunny flavours of Italy to the heart of Alsace. This delightful Italian restaurant is named after the sunflower, "girasole", in Italian, symbolizing the warmth, hospitality, and rich flavours guests can expect when they enter its doors. Il Girasole is celebrated for its authentic Italian cuisine, crafted with passion and precision by its talented chefs. The menu at Il Girasole is a testament to the diversity and richness of Italian culinary traditions, offering a wide range of dishes that cater to various tastes and preferences. From freshly made pasta and sumptuous risottos to succulent meats and fresh seafood, each dish is prepared using high-quality ingredients imported directly from Italy or sourced locally to ensure freshness and flavour. The restaurant also boasts an impressive selection of Italian wines, carefully chosen to complement the menu and enhance the dining experience. The ambience of Il Girasole is warm and inviting, with a decor combining rustic Italian charm and contemporary elegance. The dining space is adorned with sunflower motifs and Italian memorabilia, creating a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere that makes guests feel like they're dining in a sun-drenched Italian village.

Le Bistrot D'Antoine

$$$$ 3 Rue De La Courtine, 67000, Strasbourg
French European Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Le Bistrot d'Antoine, nestled in the historic and picturesque streets of Strasbourg, France, is a culinary gem that embodies the essence of a traditional French restaurant. With its charming and relaxed atmosphere, this cosy eatery offers a welcoming retreat where locals and visitors can savour authentic French cuisine's delights. Known for its friendly service, rustic charm, and a menu that celebrates the richness of French culinary traditions, Le Bistrot d'Antoine has become a beloved spot for those seeking a genuine taste of France. The menu at Le Bistrot d'Antoine is a tribute to the simplicity and elegance of French bistro fare, with each dish thoughtfully prepared to highlight the natural flavours and quality of the ingredients. Classics such as coq au vin, bouillabaisse, and steak frites feature prominently, alongside a selection of seasonal specials that reflect the bounty of the region's produce. The emphasis on freshness and locality ensures that every meal reflects the current season and the culinary heritage of Alsace and beyond. The decor of Le Bistrot d'Antoine adds to its allure. Its rustic yet refined interior transports guests to a bygone era of French dining. Wooden tables, vintage posters, and ambient lighting create an intimate and cosy setting, perfect for a leisurely meal, a romantic dinner, or a casual gathering with friends. During the warmer months, outdoor seating allows diners to enjoy their meals amidst the vibrant streetscape of Strasbourg, adding an extra layer of charm to the dining experience.

Restaurant Dans Le Noir ? Strasbourg

$$$$ 1 Av. Herrenschmidt, 67000, Strasbourg
French European Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Restaurant Dans Le Noir? in Strasbourg, France, offers an extraordinary dining experience that challenges the senses and redefines the act of dining. Located in the heart of the city, this unique establishment invites guests to enjoy a meal in complete darkness, guided and served by visually impaired waitstaff. This innovative concept not only provides a culinary adventure but also promotes social inclusion and raises awareness about visual impairment. The menu at Dans Le Noir? is crafted to surprise and delight, with dishes designed to enhance the sensory experience of taste and smell. Without the sense of sight, diners are encouraged to delve deeper into the flavours, textures, and aromas of their meal, discovering a new appreciation for the art of cuisine. The menu is kept a secret to maintain an element of surprise. Still, guests can expect a selection of dishes that reflect the best of French and international cuisine, prepared using high-quality, fresh ingredients. The ambience of Dans Le Noir? is one of mystery and anticipation. The dining room, shrouded in darkness, becomes a place where conventional perceptions are challenged and new connections are made. This environment fosters a unique sense of camaraderie among guests as they share in this singular experience, communicating and interacting in a way that transcends visual judgments.

Bistrot Coco

$$$ 8 Rue De L'Écurie, 67000, Strasbourg
French European Casual Dining Bistrot
Bistrot Coco, situated in the heart of Strasbourg, France, is a chic and cosy eatery that brings a fresh twist to French bistro dining. This charming restaurant combines classic French culinary techniques with a contemporary flair, offering a menu that is both innovative and deeply rooted in the rich gastronomic traditions of France. Bistrot Coco has quickly become a favourite among locals and visitors alike, and it is known for its creative dishes, welcoming atmosphere, and exceptional service. The menu at Bistrot Coco is a testament to the chef's passion for French cuisine and their commitment to using the finest seasonal ingredients. Diners can expect a delightful array of dishes that balance traditional flavours with modern presentation and creativity. From succulent meats and fresh seafood to vibrant salads and indulgent desserts, each dish is carefully crafted to provide a memorable dining experience. The restaurant also boasts a carefully curated wine list, featuring a selection of French wines that perfectly complement the menu. The ambience of Bistrot Coco is designed to make guests feel comfortable and inspired. The interior decor blends elements of classic French restaurants with modern touches, creating a space that is at once stylish and inviting. Soft lighting, warm wood tones, and elegant furnishings provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxed meal, a romantic evening, or a celebration with friends.

Au Petit Bois Vert

$$$ 2 Quai De La Bruche, 67000, Strasbourg
French European Casual Dining Premium Casual
Au Petit Bois Vert, nestled along the picturesque banks of a canal in Strasbourg, France, is a quaint restaurant that offers a tranquil escape into the heart of Alsatian gastronomy. This charming establishment, whose name translates to "At the Little Green Wood," invites diners to enjoy traditional French and Alsatian dishes in a setting that feels like a step back in time, with its rustic decor and warm, welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant prides itself on a menu that celebrates the rich culinary traditions of the Alsace region. It features hearty, comforting dishes prepared with the utmost care and the freshest local ingredients. Signature offerings include succulent meats, flavorful sausages, and the iconic tarte flambée, each dish embodying the soulful and robust flavours Alsace is known for. Seasonal specialities and a selection of regional wines and beers complement the dining experience, providing guests with a genuine taste of local culture and cuisine. Au Petit Bois Vert's ambience is a delightful blend of traditional Alsatian charm and casual elegance. The interior, with its exposed wood beams, antique furnishings, and cosy nooks, creates an inviting space that encourages diners to linger over their meals. During the warmer months, the outdoor seating area offers beautiful views of the canal and Strasbourg's historic architecture. It is a perfect spot for a leisurely lunch or a romantic dinner under the stars.

Le Stras'

$$$ 9 Rue Des Dentelles, 67000, Strasbourg
French European Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Le Stras', located in the vibrant city of Strasbourg, France, is a contemporary restaurant that captures the essence of the city's rich culinary tradition while embracing a modern approach to dining. This chic eatery is known for its innovative interpretations of classic Alsatian and French cuisine, offering a menu that delights and surprises with its creativity and depth of flavour. At Le Stras', the culinary team is dedicated to sourcing the finest local ingredients, ensuring that each dish pays homage to the region's gastronomic heritage and reflects the seasons and the local terroir. The menu features a tempting array of options, from exquisite starters and hearty mains to delectable desserts, each carefully crafted to showcase the natural beauty and complexity of the ingredients. The ambiance of Le Stras' is both stylish and welcoming, with a design that balances modern elegance with the warm, rustic charm characteristic of Strasbourg. The interior is thoughtfully decorated to create a cosy atmosphere that encourages diners to relax and savour their meal. Whether seated in the intimate dining room or enjoying the al fresco seating area, guests are treated to a dining experience that is both comfortable and sophisticated.

Restaurant L'Amuse-bouche

$$$$ 3a Rue Turenne, 67000, Strasbourg
French Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Restaurant L'Amuse-Bouche, nestled in the heart of Strasbourg, France, is a culinary gem that offers a delightful exploration of modern French cuisine. This charming restaurant is named after the French term for "mouth amuser," a small, bite-sized appetizer that is intended to tantalize the taste buds and hint at the chef's culinary style. True to its name, L'Amuse-Bouche specializes in creating dishes that are not only visually stunning but also packed with complex flavours and textures designed to stimulate and satisfy the palate. The menu at L'Amuse-Bouche is a testament to the chef's creativity and skill, featuring various innovative dishes rooted in traditional French cooking techniques while incorporating contemporary twists. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared using the freshest local ingredients, ensuring that every bite conveys the richness and diversity of France's culinary landscape. The menu caters to various tastes and dietary preferences, from succulent meats and fresh seafood to inventive vegetarian options. The ambience of L'Amuse-Bouche is both elegant and cosy, with a décor that combines rustic charm with modern sophistication.

Restaurant Bastardo

$$ 17 Rue Des Tonneliers, 67000, Strasbourg
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Pizzeria
Restaurant Bastardo, situated in the vibrant heart of Strasbourg, France, is a contemporary dining establishment that stands out for its bold fusion of traditional French cuisine with global flavours. This innovative restaurant prides itself on creating familiar and daring dishes, offering a unique culinary adventure that captivates the palate and stimulates the senses. The ethos of Restaurant Bastardo is rooted in celebrating culinary diversity, embracing techniques and ingredients from around the world to enhance the rich tradition of French cooking. The menu is a testament to this creative approach, featuring a range of meticulously crafted dishes to bring out the best in each component. From expertly prepared meats and seafood to fresh, vibrant vegetables and herbs, every ingredient is chosen for its quality and ability to contribute to an extraordinary dining experience. Restaurant Bastardo's interior mirrors its cuisine's innovative spirit with a modern and stylish decor that creates a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere. The design is both chic and comfortable, offering diners a space where they can relax and enjoy the art of fine dining in a setting that is as visually appealing as it is warm.

Le Banquet Des Sophistes

$$$ 5 Rue D'Austerlitz, 67000, Strasbourg
French European Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Le Banquet des Sophistes, located in the historical heart of Strasbourg, France, is a restaurant that pays homage to the philosophical gatherings of ancient Greece, where intellect and culinary delight intertwined. This unique dining destination combines the art of conversation with the pleasure of fine dining, offering a sophisticated atmosphere where food and thought are equally celebrated. The restaurant's name, inspired by the symposiums of yore, sets the stage for an experience that goes beyond the mere act of eating. Here, guests are invited to engage in lively discussions, exchange ideas, and enjoy the company of others, all while indulging in dishes that are as thought-provoking as they are flavorful. The cuisine at Le Banquet des Sophistes is a masterful blend of traditional French techniques and modern culinary innovation, with each dish crafted to stimulate both the palate and the mind.

La Cuiller à Pot

$$$$ 18b Rue Finkwiller, 67000, Strasbourg
French European Fine dining Premium Casual
La Cuiller à Pot, nestled in the picturesque city of Strasbourg, France, is a charming restaurant that offers a culinary experience deeply rooted in the French tradition with a delightful twist of modern innovation. This cosy establishment is celebrated for its commitment to showcasing the rich tapestry of French cuisine through a menu that highlights seasonal ingredients, local produce, and the artistry of French cooking. The name La Cuiller à Pot, which translates to "The Pot Spoon," evokes images of home-cooked meals and the warmth of gathering around a table to share food made with love. True to its name, the restaurant provides a dining ambience that feels like a home away from home, with an inviting interior combining rustic elements and contemporary design. The atmosphere is intimate and welcoming, making it an ideal spot for a romantic dinner, a family gathering, or a relaxed meal with friends.

Villa Casella

$$$$ 5 Rue Du Paon, 67000, Strasbourg
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Villa Casella in Strasbourg, France, is a culinary gem that transports diners to the heart of Italy with its authentic Italian cuisine and charming ambience. Nestled in the picturesque streets of Strasbourg, this family-run restaurant has become a beloved spot for locals and visitors seeking a taste of genuine Italian hospitality and gastronomy. The menu at Villa Casella celebrates Italy's diverse culinary regions, offering a wide range of dishes prepared with passion and flair. From the al dente pasta and rich, flavorful sauces to the succulent meats and fresh seafood, each recipe is crafted using traditional methods and the freshest ingredients. The restaurant also features a selection of Italian wines, carefully chosen to complement the flavours of the dishes, enhancing the dining experience. The decor of Villa Casella reflects the warmth and rustic elegance of a traditional Italian villa. Its spacious and welcoming atmosphere makes guests feel like they are dining in a family home in Italy. The intimate dining rooms are adorned with Italian-themed decor, creating a perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner, a family gathering, or a casual meal with friends.

Restaurant Le Violon D'Ingres

$$$$ 1 Rue Du Chevalier Robert, 67000, Strasbourg
French Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Restaurant Le Violon d'Ingres, situated in the enchanting city of Strasbourg, France, is a culinary haven that seamlessly blends the elegance of French cuisine with the warmth of Alsatian hospitality. This exquisite restaurant, named after the famous expression that signifies a person's secondary passion, invites diners to explore a menu that is both sophisticated and deeply rooted in the local culinary tradition. At Le Violon d'Ingres, the cuisine is an ode to the rich flavours and impeccable techniques of French gastronomy, with a particular emphasis on the unique culinary heritage of the Alsace region. The menu is a carefully curated selection of dishes that highlight the quality and diversity of local produce, from succulent meats and fresh seafood to seasonal vegetables and aromatic herbs. Each dish is crafted with precision and artistry, offering a balance of textures and flavours that delight the senses. The restaurant's ambience reflects its commitment to elegance and comfort, combining classic French decor with touches of Alsatian charm. The dining space is warm and inviting, with an intimate atmosphere that makes every meal feel like a special occasion. Whether seated in the cosy interior or enjoying the serene outdoor seating during warmer months, guests are treated to an environment that complements exquisite food and impeccable service.


$$$$ 4 Rue Des Moulins, 67000, Strasbourg
French European Fine dining Elegant & Chic
L'Oignon restaurant is located in the heart of Strasbourg, France, a place that fascinates both locals and tourists with its rich history and enchanting architecture. Specializing in traditional Alsatian cuisine, L'Oignon offers its guests an authentic culinary experience in a welcoming and warm atmosphere. With a focus on homemade dishes, the restaurant's menu features a variety of regional specialities, including the famous tarte flambée (Flammkuchen), choucroute garnie and a selection of onion dishes, from which the restaurant takes its name. The decor, which combines rustic elements with modern touches, creates an inviting environment where diners can enjoy their meals in comfortable relaxation. L'Oignon is not only a point of reference for lovers of Alsatian cuisine, but it is also a place where the warm welcome and attentive service make every visit a memorable experience.

Restaurant 1741

$$$$ 22 Quai Des Bateliers, 67000, Strasbourg
French European Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Restaurant 1741, situated in the historic heart of Strasbourg, France, is a culinary destination that offers an exquisite dining experience, blending the luxury of the past with contemporary gastronomic innovation. This prestigious establishment, located near the iconic Cathedral of Notre Dame, provides a unique ambience that encapsulates the essence of luxury dining within a city steeped in history and culture. The name, Restaurant 1741, pays homage to the year that reflects the rich heritage and the architectural elegance of the surroundings. The restaurant itself is set in a meticulously restored 18th-century building, where each dining room is designed to offer an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere. The decor elegantly combines antique charm with modern finesse, creating an exquisite and inviting environment. At Restaurant 1741, the menu celebrates French haute cuisine, with each dish artfully crafted by a team of skilled chefs led by a vision of culinary excellence. The restaurant is renowned for its innovative approach to traditional French dishes, employing avant-garde techniques and the finest ingredients from around the region and beyond. Diners can indulge in a gastronomic journey through meticulously curated tasting menus, each paired with a selection from the extensive wine cellar that houses rare and exquisite vintages.

La Cruche - Zuem Winkuewele

$$$ 4 Rue Des Tonneliers, 67000, Strasbourg
French Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
La Cruche - Zuem Winkuewele, located in the enchanting city of Strasbourg, France, is a restaurant that epitomizes the rich culinary tradition of Alsace with a hint of whimsical charm. This hidden gem, nestled in one of the city's quaint streets, invites diners into a world where Alsatian cuisine is celebrated with passion and creativity. The restaurant's name, which evokes images of traditional pottery and cosy wine taverns, sets the stage for an authentic dining experience. La Cruche—Zuem Winkuewele specializes in serving classic Alsatian dishes, each prepared with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality. The menu boasts a variety of regional favourites, from robust meat stews and flavorful sausages to the iconic tarte flambée, all complemented by a carefully curated selection of local wines. The decor of La Cruche—Zuem Winkuewele blends rustic elegance and nostalgic charm, featuring exposed wood beams, vintage furnishings, and an array of traditional Alsatian artifacts. The warm and welcoming atmosphere is perfect for a romantic dinner, a family gathering, or a leisurely meal with friends, offering guests a cosy escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.


$$ 6 Rue Du Vieux Seigle, 67000, Strasbourg
French European Casual Dining Family Style
L'Épicerie, set in the picturesque city of Strasbourg, France, is a quaint and charming eatery that offers a cosy retreat into the world of traditional French comfort food. This delightful restaurant, with its warm, inviting ambience, is renowned for its simple yet profoundly satisfying dishes, which pay homage to the rich culinary traditions of France. The essence of L'Épicerie lies in its focus on the basics of French cuisine, serving up hearty, homemade meals that evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth. The menu features a variety of classic dishes, each prepared with care and focused on flavour and quality. From rustic baguette sandwiches and savoury quiches to sweet tarts and a selection of fine cheeses, L'Épicerie tastes French bistro classics in an intimate and relaxed setting. The decor of L'Épicerie adds to its charm, with its interior resembling a traditional French grocery store, complete with wooden shelves lined with an array of artisanal products and vintage finds. The atmosphere is casual and welcoming, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely lunch, a casual dinner, or a coffee and pastry enjoyed amidst the hustle and bustle of Strasbourg.

Les Sales Gosses

$$$$ 56 Bd Clemenceau, 67000, Strasbourg
French European Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Les Sales Gosses, nestled in the vibrant city of Strasbourg, France, is a delightful restaurant that stands out for its playful approach to French cuisine and warm, welcoming atmosphere. This charming restaurant takes its name, which translates to "The Naughty Kids," from its cheeky and spirited take on culinary traditions, offering guests a dining experience that is both delicious and fun. The menu at Les Sales Gosses celebrates classic French dishes reimagined with a modern twist and a touch of whimsy. Each dish is carefully crafted using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, resulting in bold and memorable flavours. From succulent meats and seafood to inventive vegetarian options, the restaurant caters to various tastes and preferences, ensuring every guest finds something to love. The interior of Les Sales Gosses reflects its playful ethos with eclectic decor that combines elements of vintage charm and contemporary flair. The ambience is cosy and informal, making it an ideal spot for a casual meal with friends, a romantic dinner, or a festive gathering. The restaurant's laid-back vibe is complemented by friendly and attentive service, making guests feel right at home from the moment they step inside.
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